Paula Ibanez-Pinto reviewed Dale McCluskey’s Dog Training — 5 star

August 21, 2016 · Dale is very knowledgeable, professional and he truly cares. He helped us tremendously with our German Shepherd. I would recommend him to everyone who needs help with their dog. He is always willing to help and answers to our emails very quickly when we need his guidance.
Thanks for all you do for us, Dale!

Desiree Parker reviewed Dale McCluskey’s Dog Training — 5 star

May 9, 2015 · We have only had one session with Dale but in just two days we have a entire new relationship with our dog, I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, me more then the dog. Having Dale work with us is the best thing, I am looking forward to having him work with us again, it’s like living with an entire different dog! Thank You so much Dale!

Jack Morton reviewed Dale McCluskey’s Dog Training — 5 star
May 4, 2016 ·

Dale is amazing trainer. He’s help me to really understand myself and my dog. You couldn’t ask for a better trainer. Thank you Dale for helping me save my boy.

Dana Kolka reviewed Dale McCluskey’s Dog Training — 5 star

January 23, 2016 · Dale is a great trainer! He knows what hes doing and I’d recommend!

Shawn Daville reviewed Dale McCluskey’s Dog Training — 5 star
January 22, 2016 ·

Dale is a top of the line dog trainer! I rarely compare any dog trainer to The Monks of New Skete. If you want to train your dog, either read this book or go see Dale. Either way, consistency is the key. Mostly I love that our dogs respect and mind him without being lured by a treat. So many parents get their children to behave by coaxing with “cookies”… Good parents have kids that listen because of respect not bc they will be rewarded with a new XBOX game. Our dogs are no different. Thank you Dale for all you do. Continued success to you!

“Your technique is the missing link that was there all the time but I didn’t quite see it. It answers a lot about Shepherds I’ve had in the past, why one dog seemed to read my mind and another was more of a challenge. So simple and yet I missed it.  So I tested some of your examples and your 100% right with the out come, and with only 2 days I see a dramatic shift in the behavior with my puppy (16 week old Dutch Shepherd)  I look forward to Skyping with you on Sunday……….G”  – North Carolina

“I cannot recommend this option highly enough. I do not live in the US but this has not impeded my training under Dale’s guidence whatsoever. Dale’s attention to detail and teaching methods leave no stone un turned. This method is completely different to any you will have tried before. However, it is a method that works. My dog is very high drive. He has baffled several top class trainers where I live, who dismissed him as being untrainable. I tried all other methods, none of which worked. I contacted Dale and sent him an initial video. Within 15 seconds of watching it, Dale had read my dog. The problem was my dog had gained so much control and I had dissapeared from the picture. But now we are making steady progress and moving forward. It will be very unlikely you have a dog as high drive as I do, but regardless of where you live in the World, or how much you have tried with your dog and failed, there is a method that will work. I must stress, at no point during my training so far with Dale have I ever caused or been told to cause any pain, discomfort to my dog, or to use anything that might cause this. All that is used is a collar and leash and an open mind to realise that your dog is so much more than you could ever have imagined……A” – Birmingham, UK