The Relational Approach Dog Trainer Certification Course provides students with the insight, skill and confidence needed to help dog owners get on the right path using this one of a kind interaction based system of training. 

Week One

Introduction to the Relational Approach
The Dog and Human Dynamic
Reconciling the Process
Terms and Concepts
The Basic Script
Practical Application of Method
Critique and Review
The Role of Devices
The Role of Structure
Relational Triggers
Fear, Stress and Anxiety

 Week Two

Advanced Methods, Techniques and Concepts
Aligning the Process for Owners
Introduction to Service Dog Training
Introduction to Protection Training
Practical Application of Method
Following a Sequence
Certification Testing

Course Materials:   Beyond the Leash Dog Training Guide,  Mind and Body Kinetics Relational Training Guide, Relational Approach Technical Training Guide and Online Instructors Training Area.

Next Course Date   October 1st – 15th, 2019

Fee $ 2950.00

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