Rescue Dog Burgh with his new owner and his new Lease on Life

The Board and Training Option provides the relational cornerstone with helping build a solid foundation between dogs and owners.   This two week training process incorporates numerous methods, techniques and interactions designed to overcome many common and even difficult behavior problems and issues.

During this process owners receive numerous video updates detailing their dog’s progress while providing tips on how to maintain a long, happy and balanced relationship with their dog once they return home.

Behavior Issues this Option helps Resolve

  • House Breaking
  • Listening / Commands
  • Walking on a leash as a follower
  • Food Aggression
  • Socialization with People and other Dogs (animals)
  • Fear Aggression
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Dominant Behavior / Jumping
  • Aggression


During the Two week training process you will receive many video updates of your dog’s training and progress.  These videos are very useful as they provide insight into the method and remain on the training site so you can refer to them as needed anytime in the future.  You also will receive a detailed written report at the end of your dog’s stay.

Board and Training Questions and Answers 

Question:   Why is the recommended length of time 2 weeks for the Board and Training Process ?Answer:   Considering that “relationship change” is being completed by the trainer and in turn transferred to the owner it is not recommended that this process continue beyond the initial  2 week period.   Also less than 2 weeks doesn’t allow enough time for relational change to take hold at the level needed.

Question:   What type of training methods are used ?

Answer:   This one of a kind system is interaction based.   As the dog comes into agreement with the process relationship change advances, control issues and unwanted behavior issues diminish.  A standard leash and flat collar are the main training tools.  This system approaches the training as a relational changing process vs a learning based exercise.

Question:  How much does training cost ?

Answer:  The total cost of training is $ 1800.00 for the two weeks.   1/2 the fee amount is due upon drop-off and the remainder at pickup.

Question:   Do you send updates of training ?

Answer:  Yes.  You receive your own private page with login information on this website where video updates are posted.

Question:  What happens once our dog returns back home ?

Answer:  To take full advantage of what has been established during training  is important to continue to fulfill your dog’s leadership needs while adopting the same methods used during the process.  It is recommended that the owner attends the training facility a couple of days prior to the end of the process to receive some one on one instruction.  The videos updates also provide training information and demonstrate the methods used.

Question:  Do you offer discounts for more than one dog ?

Answer:  Yes.

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